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History of Women in Policing

Historic Firsts in the Western United States



Darlene Turner was the first woman Sergeant assigned to supervise a large rural post in Kodiak.


Angella T. Long was the first woman hired in her department and the first woman assigned to the Mat-Su Drug Enforcement Unit



Susan Jones was the first woman Sergeant and first Lieutenant for the Concord Police Department Lt. Susan Jones

Los Angeles

Lita Abella became the first woman promoted to Senior Lead Officer in the Wilshire Division.

San Francisco

Lorraine Lombardo was the first woman voted Police Officer of the Year by the San Francisco Council of District Merchants in 2001.

San Diego

Joanne Archambault was the first to work as a SDPD gang Detective.

Santa Clara

Pat Ruch became the first woman promoted to the rank on Captain in the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department.

Santa Monica

Jacqueline A. Seabrooks was the first African American woman hired by the Santa Monica Police Department. She is also the first woman promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.


South Salt Lake City

Theresa Garner was the first woman Chief of Police in her the South Salt Lake City Police Department.






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